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In addition to creating free interactive music tuners, we also have a growing list of educational materials.  Pick an instrument below and start learning.  Here you will find music articles and resources for each instrument.  These are common sense techniques, but will rapidly advance your musical state.  Just be sure and tune up first!  Try and get a routine for your practice by devoting 30 minutes a day.  This time will be just you and the guitar with as few distractions as possible.  Don’t get up every time the phone rings – In fact, turn it off. Playing the guitar is far more important and fun.  Enjoy these music articles and brush up on your chops:

Guitar Articles

Guitar Chords

Drop B Tuning

Drop D Tuning

Open D Tuning

Open E Tuning

Open G Tuning

How to Play Guitar

How to Tune a Guitar

Ukulele Articles

Ukulele Chords

How to Play the Ukulele

History of the Ukulele

Bass Articles

Double Bass

How to Play the Bass

Metronome Articles

What is a Metronome?

Finding Your Tempo

TR 808

Violin Articles


The Violin Fiddle

Banjo Articles

Banjo Chords

Banjo Through the Ages

Mandolin Articles

Play The Mandolin

Mandolin Background

After learning the basics, you may want to start memorizing chords.  This is the easiest way to get from “zero” to “playing guitar” and by far the most fun.  Learn that favorite song so well that you can play it in your sleep!

Repetition is key when starting out and increasing your chord vocabulary is a great way to kick things off.  It’s great to remember chords and be able to play them all, but the key is switching between them quickly.  It will take time, so don’t get frustrated with your progress.  Just try for small victories and keep having tons of fun.  Save the music articles above and come back to them at your own pace.

The leading cause of giving up is boredom and frustration.  Just keep having fun by playing along with the radio.  This not only keeps your fingers on the instrument, but it trains the ear.  Try and play a note that fits the song and be part of the band.  Try and play the lead vocal line to better train the ear.  This coordinates your hearing with the string being played.  This method of learning guitar is unsurpassed and will yield incredible results.